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Offered in partnership between Glean Education & the Washington State Department of Education

This learning opportunity is funded by Washington State OSPI through their Structured Literacy within an MTSS Framework Professional Development Initiative. Educators who complete this coursework are eligible to receive 18 Clock Hours from OSPI. (Details on Clock Hours can be found below.)

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OSPI Clock Hour

Registration Information

In order to receive clock hours, educators must register for an account on OSPI's PDEnroller site with the same email that they are using to enroll in Glean Education's Course Bundle. If you already have an account on PDEnroller, you do not have to create another account -- Simply enroll in Glean's course bundle and begin learning! If you do not have a PDEnroller account, head to or click the button below. Use the same email to register on PD Enroller as you will use to enroll in Glean's coursework. Then come back Glean Education and get started. Thank you for learning with us!


  • Is this course bundle free?

    Yes! Thanks to funding through the Washington State Department of Education's Structured Literacy within an MTSS Framework Initiative, all courses in this bundle are free of charge to Washington State educators, parents, and support staff through June 2023.

  • How can I receive clock hours for this course?

    Washington State Educators who complete this course and are registered in PD Enroller are eligible to receive up to 18 Clock Hours for this course. Clock Hours will be automatically credited after the completion of each course for a total of 18 hours if all 5 courses are completed. If you are not registered in PD Enroller, head to to register. Then head back to Glean Education to enroll in this course bundle or log in if you've already enrolled.

  • What email address should I use to enroll in Glean courses?

    Please use your Washington State work email address to enroll in Glean Education's coursework if you would like to receive clock hours for this coursework.

  • Should I use the same email address to enroll in the courses and register at PDEnroller?

    Yes! The email you sign up with at Glean Education to enroll in the courses must be the same email you use to register on PDEnroller. If the emails or different, this will delay your receiving Clock Hours for the course.

  • I heard there is also an expert webinar series as part of this initiative. Where can I find info on that?

    Yes! We are thrilled to host an Expert Webinar Series with some of the top researchers and advocates in the field of dyslexia, MTSS, Structured Literacy, and more. Please visit to see the lineup of speakers and register for each event.

  • I'm confused, who can I contact?

    Drop us a line at Glean! Email us at [email protected] or fill out the contact form at and we will get back to you within 24 -48 hours (usually sooner!).


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